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FAQs Cloudways
About Cloudways

Cloud way is a managed Cloud Hosting Platform. Here, teams can build, deploy, scale & manage web applications. When it comes to cloud-based managed Word Press hosting, Cloud ways is one of the few companies that offer both affordability and great functionality. Cloudways servers come with a fantastic feature set and thereby promise zero slow loading WordPress sites and no more WordPress hosting headaches. Cloudways scale hosting resources as the website grows. The infrastructure of Cloudways is optimized for speed, performance, and security. Cloudways provides free "Let's Encrypt SSL," and it can be installed very easily. Headquarters of Cloudways is on the island of Malta in Europe. you can get latest cloudways deals, sales, coupons and on


Starting With Cloudways

If you're still debating yourself about using Cloudways as your managed Word Press host, you can sign up for a 3-day free trial. Yes, Cloudways offers its customers a 3-day trial period to get familiar with their platform. In the trial period, the customer will be able to launch a server, deploy an application, and migrate their site to test out all the functionalities. If everything is working fine, the customer can upgrade to Full Account to unwrap the full potential of this platform. Once the account is upgraded from trial to Full, there will be monthly charges apply. The charge depends on the Server Plans (like infrastructure provider, server size, bandwidth usage, subscribed paid add-ons, etc.) opted. There are plenty of different combinations of plans available to satisfy the need of the customer. For example, if you choose a 1GB server, it can handle 4-5 small websites having combined web traffic up to 50K page views per month. Likewise, if you choose a 2GB plan, it can handle the website(s) having web traffic up to 110K page views per month, and so on.

Cloudways Payment Options

The Cloudways Platform offers a 'pay as you go' service. Here, the customers have to pay only for the resources they used for a particular time. Cloudways charge in arrears. The customer will receive an invoice during the first week of every month for the Services utilized in the preceding month. Cloudways accept all major Credit Cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Alternatively, upon request, the customer can pay via PayPal as well.

Cloudways Refund Policy

In case of unused prepaid account funds, customers can raise a refund request within three months of funds addition. Cloud ways offer a hassle-free refund. However, the refund will not include the amount already deducted for services consumed.

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